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DUTCH annual report 2010 Euthanasia Review Commissions published in 4 languages

The Dutch Euthanasia Review Commissions have published their 2010 annual report.  Copy in Dutch can be downloaded here

An English translation is published recently; so is a French (en Francais) and a German (Deutsch) one.

Summary 2010 annual report Euthanasia Review Commissions


Total number of reported cases:

2008           2331

2009           2636


2010           3136

Of which:

·         2819                    by GP

·         193             by specialist

·         115             by geriatric specialist


·         2499           at home

·         182             in hospital

·         109             in nursing home

·         346             in hospices and elsewhere


·         2548           because of cancer

·         75               because of cardiovascular disorder

·         158             because of nervous system disorder

·         237             others


·         2 cases of psychiatric problems (severe chronic depression)

·         25 cases of (beginning)  dementia (mostly Alzheimer’s)


·         9 cases (none because of psychiatric or dementia condition!!) were considered as NOT complying with the criteria (mostly procedural).

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