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ADMD-L conference on accompanied suicide in Switzerland

Elke Baezner spoke at a conference in Luxembourg on accompanied suicide in Switzerland, in view of adding assisted suicide to the statutes of ADMD-L.In view of adding assisted suicide to the statutes, ADMD-L were fortunate to have Elke Baezner in Luxembourg to present a conference on “Accompanied suicide in Switzerland”.

Ex-president of EXIT Zürich, and herself an accompanying person, Elke was able to speak with warmth and real inside knowledge on the situation of many a suicide she had followed herself. In Switzerland, this takes place in the presence of a trained person, not necessarily a doctor, although the prescription must be issued by a medical doctor who has followed the patient over a period of time.

Elke was able to answer questions on medical, ethical, social and legal implications in a very understandable way, giving full satisfaction to pertinent questions asked (in French and German) by an interested audience. One doctor only, out of many invited, was present.

We feel lucky to have such wonderful communication with our sister-societies.