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Colorado: End of Life Options Act expanded

On June 5th an amendment to Colorado’s End of Life Options Act was signed by Governor Jared Polis making medical aid in dying more accessible to terminally ill patients across Colorado. The changes include giving nurses the ability to evaluate end-of-life decisions and prescribe, a reduction in the waiting period from 15 days to seven days after requesting access to aid in dying and the authority of providers to waive this period if the patient is unlikely to survive more than 48 hours.

Death with Dignity’s CEO Peg Sandeen notes, “The changes to Colorado’s End of Life Options Act are essential for promoting equity and increasing access to medical aid in dying, particularly for vulnerable patients. Colorado’s commitment to reducing barriers to quality end-of-life care is a testament to the state’s dedication to upholding the rights and dignity of terminally ill individuals. We are grateful for the hard work and advocacy that made these critical improvements possible.”

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