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ECHR: prohibiting MAID not a human rights violation

Daniel Karsai filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights that Hungarian authorities violated Article 14 and Article 8, of the European Convention on Human Rights in refusing him access to medically assisted death despite his terminal ill condition. Karsai’s case argued that not being allowed access means that his human rights as a terminally ill patient are being violated and that he is discriminated because terminally-ill patients receiving life-sustaining treatment are allowed to refuse medical treatment, whereas he cannot. In Hungary helping someone to end their life is a criminal offence.

On June 14th the ECHR ruled that Hungary’s decision does not violate the European Convention on Human Rights. It found the Hungarian authorities within their power to decide whether a citizen has access to medical suicide at home or abroad. In particular, the ruling noted the “wider social implications and the risks of abuse and error” linked to medical suicide.

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