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California Senate Bill 380 becomes Law

As of January 1, 2022, SB 380 becomes effective, amending the California End of Life Option Act in several ways that make Medical Aid in Dying  (MAID) more accessible for qualifying, terminally ill individuals. Improvements include:

· Shortening the waiting period between the first and second oral requests from 15 days to 48 hours.
· Requiring health care facilities to post their MAID policies on their websites.
· Removing the 4th request for MAID (referred to as “the final attestation”).
· Requiring medical providers to document requests for MAID, which can be referenced if a patient decides to transfer care.
· Clarifying that MAID medication may be taken within a healthcare facility.
· Requiring doctors to tell the patient if they do not support MAID, document the request in the patient’s medical record, and transfer the patient’s records upon request.
· Extending the sunset provision to 2031.


Jan 01 2022


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