Villa 1, Hampton Mews,  4 Wills Place, Mittagong, NSW Australia 2575
tel + 61 2 4872 1448

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Christians who believe that, as a demonstration of love and compassion, those with a terminal or hopeless illness should have the option of a pain-free, peaceful and dignified death with legal voluntary euthanasia.

Our Aims are 
– to demonstrate to our Members of Parliament that there are a majority of thinking Christians in Australia who do support legal Voluntary Euthanasia with appropriate safeguards
– to counter the misinformation so often put forward by the religious hierarchy in their opposition to Voluntary Euthanasia.

Membership is simply agreement with our aims and the willingness of the person to become a “signatory” together with all others in our Group, on our letters to Members of Parliament.

We support appropriate legislation in all States and Territories of Australia. We welcome members joining from throughout Australia, and would welcome indications of support for our aims from individuals in countries worldwide.