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MDMD is a member of UK’s Assisted Dying Coalition.

MDMD is a right to die campaign organisation which wants to see a more compassionate approach to dying in the UK, including giving people the legal right to a medically assisted death if that is their persistent wish. We believe that people should have more control over the manner and timing of their death in order to minimise their mental and physical suffering. To us it seems perfectly reasonable for people to decide that “enough is enough”. They should not be expected to “fight on until the bitter end” by well-meaning medical professionals, friends or relatives, if that is not what they wish for themselves. While good palliative care can help in many situations, it can not relieve suffering due to mental decline, loss of dignity, and feelings of “just wanting to go to sleep and not wake up” when someone rationally accepts that their life is complete.


MDMD contributes to the public discussion of right to die issues. We work alongside other organisations such as FATE, Humanists UK and Dignity in Dying, to expose the inadequacies of the current law and to help define a safe, broad, workable alternative. In particular, we provide a forum for those who share our belief that assisted dying should not be restricted to the “terminally ill” especially when this is interpreted as having a medical prognosis of 6 months or less to live.