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SAVE-YA supports, and have adopted, the SA Voluntary Euthanasia Society’s (SAVES) definition of voluntary euthanasia as being:’ A quick and peaceful death brought about under medical supervision at the request of and in the interests of a patient in which prescribed safeguards are followed.  The definition applies to a person who is hopelessly ill with no other prospect of relief from suffering which that person finds intolerable.’ SAVE-YA does NOT support the work of Dr Philip Nitschke or the concept of a ‘peaceful pill’ being made publicly available, but aims to raise awareness of voluntary euthanasia and mobilise public support nation-wide to bring about law reform in each State/Territory in which death will become a legal medical last resort option for incurably ill people who are suffering unbearably and who freely express their informed wish to die a peaceful and dignified death. The reality, shown by reputable surveys, is that voluntary euthanasia and physician assisted dying already occurs on a regular basis but, as they are currently illegal, there are no records or ways of ensuring that the procedure is performed with due care. If it were to be legalised, the proper procedures would be in place to ensure that records are maintained and available to ensure accountability from all parties.


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