Verein StHD

Kuttelgasse 4,

CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

+41 76 746 26 01

(1) The Association is committed to the idea of the right of self-determination of people in life, until death. It primarily follows the socio-political objective, to establish the execution
of the available legislation in Germany based on the Swiss model. The association supports its members in the implementation of this right. It works within of a framework of its Ethical Principles; those apply to all the members and are binding.

(2) The association represents, advices and supports members who are suffering due to illness, elderly age or physical disability.

(3) The Association is committed to ensuring that living wills from doctors and nurses are respected. The association supports its members in the drafting and enforcement of their
individual wills.

(4) In case of a hopeless prognosis, intolerable pain, or physical disability, a suicide should be executed.

(5) The association supports organizations and institutions dealing with palliative care to allow a natural death with dignity.

(6) The association maintains contacts with organizations with similar objectives at home and abroad.

(7) The association is politically and religiously neutral and has no commercial objective.