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New Mexico

Legal situation

In short

Since April 2021, New Mexico has an End of Life Options Act: the Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act.

Elizabeth Whitefield Act 

Ireland is one of the countries in which the act of suicide was prohibited the longest time. Suicide was defined a crime till 1993. Then the so-called Criminal Law (Suicide) Act made the act of suicide no longer punishable. However, assisted suicide is still forbidden (article 2-2 of this act). 

According to The Mayo News, the constitutionality of the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act 1993 was upheld in both the High Court and Supreme Court in 2013, in the landmark Fleming v Ireland decision. Whilst the Supreme Court determined that there was no constitutional right to assisted suicide, it did state that the Oireachtas was free to pass legislation regulating it. In 2015 a woman prosecuted in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for assisting another person to die by suicide was found not guilty. 

Right to Die Societies in New Mexico

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