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Legal situation

In short

In Luxembourg, euthanasia and assisted suicide have been regulated by law since 2009. A physician has to fullfill strict conditions; eg there should be consent from two physicians and an expert group. When a patient cannot be cured, palliatieve care is seen as good medical practice. 

Euthanasia and assisted suicide Act (2009) 

In article 2 of this law the due care criteria for legal euthanasia and assisted suicide are mentioned. 

These requirements are the following:

1)The patient is capable and conscious at the time of the request;
2)The request is made voluntarily, thoughtfully and, if necessary, repeated, and is not the result of external pressure;
3)the patient finds himself in a medical situation with no way out and reports constant and unbearable physical or psychological suffering with no prospect of improvement, resulting from an accidental or pathological condition;
4)the patient’s request for euthanasia or assisted suicide is recorded in writing.
  1. holds the conviction that the request by the patient was voluntary and well-considered, 
  2. holds the conviction that the patient’s suffering was lasting and unbearable, 
  3. has informed the patient about the situation he was in and about his prospects, 
  4. and the patient hold the conviction that there was no other reasonable solution for the situation he was in, 
  5. has consulted at least one other, independent physician who has seen the patient and has given his written opinion on the requirements of due care, referred to in parts 1 – 4, and 
  6. has terminated a life or assisted in a suicide with due care.

Act on palliative care, advance directives and end-of-life (2009)

Read the full act below

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