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Legal situation

In short

In Spain, both termination of life on request and assisted suicide are allowed and regulated by law. This is due to the Bill for the Regulation of Euthanasia (LORE), that became law in 2021. Before that time both acts were prohibited by the Spanish Criminal Code. 

Criminal Code

Assisted suicide is prohibited by article 143 of the Spanish Penal Code.

Act on the Regulation of Euthanasia 

The law is about to allow people suffering from a serious, incurable condition to request and receive assistance to end their lives. The request must be made on four occasions and be backed by medical reports, and healthcare workers will retain their right to conscientious objection. After the procedure is approved by an evaluating committee, the patient must give final consent again. Supporters said these provisions guarantee that euthanasia will be an option but never an imposition as its detractors have claimed. At March 18 of 2021, the bill passed Spain’s Parliament. At March 24, the law was signed by the King.  

Right to Die Societies in Spain

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