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Legal situation

In short

Utah does not have a law on medical aid in dying.

In 2022, Jennifer Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake City) announced she will attempt to bring back a bill that was earlier brought into parliament by her predecessor Rebecca Chavez-Houck. Dailey-Provost is planning to run the legislation for a fourth time. Last year the bill got stuck in the rules committee.

House Bill 74

In 2022, Jennifer Dailey-Provost (D-Salt Lake City) is attempting to bring back a bill that would give people with terminal illness the right to die by getting a prescription from their physician. The legislation has a set of strict guidelines for physicians to prescribe the medication. Under the bill, a patient must be an adult, mentally capable and suffer from an incurable or irreversible disease that would result in death within six months.


Margaret Battin, a philosophy and internal medicine professor at the University of Utah, has advocated for physician aid-in-dying for years. 

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