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3rd World Right to Die Day in Paris and Basel

Today for the third time the World Right to Die Day was held at a meeting in Paris at the Trocadero. Three countries (France, Germany and Switzerland) met there at 10.00 am. Closure took place near Basel, Switzerland on the Dreiländerbrücke, at 17.00 pm. Present were representatives of ADMD France, DGHS, EXIT Deutsche Schweiz, EX International and Dignitas. The Board of the World Federation sent out the following statement in the scope of this day:

The Board of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies is very pleased to announce the observation of the third Annual Right to Die Day on November 2, 2010.

Initiated by ADMD-France in Paris in 2008, we are inviting all Societies to plan some observance of this day in 2010.

All of us, on a global basis, are bound together by our ultimate belief in self-determination at life’s end, with the specific goal of reducing unnecessary suffering at this critical time. While many of us embrace this common goal in varying ways, there is also a universal thread of belief that is common to us all. I am sure that all of us believe that the use of advance directives – often, popularly known as “living wills” – and strong support for palliative care, should be universally adopted in all of our countries. Others of us will embrace physician-assistance in dying.