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Podcasts and webinars


Experiencing Life

By Beau Summer

Experiencing Life explores topics from birth to death and everything in between.

The aim is to encourage discussion of difficult topics, rather than shying away, in order to learn, connect and grow.

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Better Off Dead

By Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton investigates the stories behind Victoria’s landmark Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) law.

Who seeks to use it, and why? Who are the doctors stepping forward to help them? And how does the Church continue to resist a law it describes as ‘evil’?

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Hemlock Society of San Diego

Every other month (the third Sunday of odd numbered months) the Hemlock Society of San Diego organizes a free public meeting with a speaker or panel of speakers discussing topics related to end-of-life issues.

Completed Life Initiative

The Completed Life Initiative organizes

  • conferences and symposia
  • panel discussions
  • town halls
  • lunch hour sessions

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