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A COURAGEOUS BATTLE: a novel that incorporates the issue of assisted dying

Susan Bracken, a member of the Right to Die Society of Canada has published a novel that incorporates the issue of assisted dying within a framework of universal fiction themes: the protagonist overcomes neglect and abuse in her young life to achieve riches and fame and she finds true love. When cancer strikes, she asks her beloved daughter, Jana, to help her achieve a peaceful and safe death. Jana wants to help but the situation is complicated because she has fallen in love with her mother’s oncologist, and the doctor does not approve. The riveting final chapters of this book will have readers reaching for their hankies. A non-fiction Appendix includes essays about advance directives, jury nullification, and references to organizations and scholarly works concerned with end of life choices.

The book is available for purchase now at all the Amazon sites and can also be read for free as a PDF on the author’s website at


Some reviews: “A busy book, rich in life and love, ending with a graceful death.”
Derek Humphry, best-selling author of Final Exit

“Bracken cleverly harnesses the romance novel genre to draw the reader into confrontation with the realities of disease and demise. The novel addresses important contemporary issues and is challenging and thought-provoking. The Appendix provides an outstanding compendium of factual information about end of life choices” and adds to the value of this book.”
Jerry Metz, M.D., Medical Director, Final Exit Network

“A tragic and joyful story of death, desire, loss, and renewal. A good read.”
Russel Ogden, Dept. of Sociology, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, B.C.

“An engaging book about courageous people. Reminds us that not all battles are fought on foreign fields.”
James R. Davis, author, The Sharp End: A Canadian Soldier’s Story