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According to Exit International, elderly Australians are being targeted by police for importing illegal life-ending drugs

Right-to-die campaigner Philip Nitschke from Exit International says that police have raided the homes of elderly Australians, demanding they hand over illegally imported euthanasia drugs. Nitschke says that eight members of his euthanasia group Exit International have been targeted by police in the past two weeks. One member was told officers had the names of 100 people who would get a knock on the door for illegally bringing death drugs into the country, according to Nitschke. New South Wales police told Australian Associated Pres (AAP) they had not conducted any raids relating to euthanasia drugs. AAP is awaiting comment from the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the Victorian police. Philip Nitschke said “local” police had told elderly people they were acting on intelligence shared by the Australian Federal Police, Interpol, and the US Department of Homeland Security. “Police … are saying ‘we have found out, usually from some interception of email traffic, that you’ve done this, and we want you to hand over the drugs’,” Dr Nitschke said. “They are claiming they are doing wellness checks, to make sure that you’re a person who isn’t in danger of ending your own life.” Dr Nitschke urged hundreds of people attending a euthanasia workshop on the Gold Coast to know their legal rights. “We don’t know what’s driving this; people getting a knock on the door in the middle of the night. But you don’t have to let them in. Make sure they have a warrant, you don’t just have to hand the drugs over.” Read more here: