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Adddition to statutes

Addition of assisted suicide to the statutes of ADMD-LIn January, the committtee suggested an amendment to the text of its original statutes established in 1988.

The new article 2:”Objectives” will now read:

ADMD-L engages itself with all its might in the defence of a dignified end of life.
In this spirit, ADMD-L pre-supposes that a person suffering irreversable physical and intellectual decline, should have the liberty of choice between :
– efficient pain treatment
– palliative accompaniment
– euthanasia and assisted suicide

AMD-L works towards depenalization, under precise conditions, of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

In order to ensure a person’s autonomy and a free, rightful choice of the above-mentioned, ADMD-L stands for legal recognition of a Living Will, a document in which the writer expresses his wish – in case he might not be able to express himself at a later date – as to the precise circumstances under which he accepts or refuses certain care or treatments, declaring also the circumstances and conditions under which he would want euthanasia or assisted suicide.

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