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After a long legal battle, Peru confirms woman’s right to euthanasia

In July, The Peruvian Supreme Court confirmed a prior ruling that allows a 44-year-old woman to end her life. After a five-year legal battle and years of illness for the right of an assisted death in Peru, psychologist Ana Estrada said she now feels free to avoid suffering from an incurable and debilitating illness that has plagued her for three decades.

Under Peruvian law, assisting someone’s suicide and killing a terminally ill patient are punishable with prison time. The Supreme Court ruling issued this week ratifies a previous court decision requiring Peru’s state health insurance to provide “all the conditions” for Estrada’s euthanasia, which must be executed within a period of 10 days from the date she expresses her will to end her life. The Supreme Court exempted the doctor who eventually supplies a drug intended to end Estrada’s life from any punishment.

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