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“Aid in Dying” in the United States

Erik Ekholm of the New York Times tried in an article titled “’Aid in Dying’ Movement Takes Hold in Some States” (February 7, 2014) to shed a light on the developments in the different US States. Where Oregon and Washington legalised assisted suicide and states like Montana and Vermont reached the same by Supreme Court decisions, a number of other states work to achieve the same goals.An interesting article, read it here. Derek Humphry of ERGO commented on two shortcomings:

This article, while welcome, has two shortcomings in my view:

  • It fails to point out that there are four groups (even at least six; RJ)  in the USA campaigning (in different ways) for the right to choose how to die when at life’s end. True, Compassion & Choices is the largest because it absorbed the Hemlock Society in 2003, but there is also the Death With Dignity National Center, the Final Exit Network, and Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization (ERGO). Each group is doing vital work in this important field.I
  • n my view the article was blemished by the last two paragraphs referring to the very worst ways in which a person could end life when the reporter wrote :”may resort to what some call a “chemical suicide,” mixing household chemicals to produce a deadly cloud of hydrogen sulphide gas and leaving behind a toxic mess. He is also pondering a heroin overdose.”   It’s against such dangerous ways of dying that the four groups are fighting.