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Annual Report Dutch Review Committees 2017 published

The Dutch Euthanasia Review Committees published their 2017 report. Main outcomes are:

In 2017 the Review Committees received 6585 reports( 2016: 6091), which is 4,4% (2016: 4%) of all 150.027 deaths in the Netherlands (2016: 148.973).

Of these cases 95,8 % concerns euthanasia, 3,8 %  physician assisted suicide and 0,4 % a combination of both.

The Review considered 12 out of the 6585 cases as being “not careful”: 0,18 % of all reported cases, implying more than 99,8 % were in compliance with the due care criteria of the law. A breakdown of these 12 cases in reasons:

  • Related to careful medical execution issue    6
  • Related to (procedural issue re) consultation   1
  • Related to voluntary and well considered request and / or together with the unbearable and hopeless suffering or reasonable alternatives  4
  • Related to (lacking of) psychiatric consultation  1

Further breakdown, relating to 2016

 The English version can be downloaded here. The Dutch full report can be downloaded and read here.


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