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Articles on a synergistic relationship between Euthanasia and Paliative Care

Authors (Jan Bernheim, Wim Distlemand, arsene Mullie and Kasper Raus) from the Belgian End-of-Life Care group (Free University Brussels and Ghjent University) have recently again been publishing articles around the issue of the synergy between PC and Euthanasia:  in “Questions and Answers on the Belgian Model of Integral End-of-Life Care”  in Bioethical Inquiry (2014) 11.507-529 they give answers to many (12) questions often raised when the Belgian model of integrated end-of-life care is discussed.

In the Journal of Medical Ethics (BMJ group) Bernheim and Raus published a comment on the controversy, titled “Euthanasia embedded in palliative care. Responses to essentialistic criticisms of the Belgian model of integral end-of-life care”.