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Belgium: Euthanasia in 2022

The Federal Commission for Control and Evaluation of Euthanasia presented its annual report examining cases of euthanasia. In 2022, the Commission received 2,966 registration documents on euthanasia, an increase of 9.85%. Of the patients, 69.9% were over 70 years of age and 42.2% were over 80 years of age and the number of cases under 40 years of age remained very limited (1.2%). The largest group were patients were between 80 and 89 years of age (29.2%). There were no registrations of minor patients.

The main reasons underlying the euthanasia were neoplasms/cancers (59,9 %), a combination of different chronic and incurable conditions (polypathology) (19,6 %) and diseases of the nervous system (8.9 %).

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