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Book on Right to Die History to be published in April 2012

Corinthian Books anounced the  release of the book “In  search of Gentle Death: the fight for Your Right to Die with Dignity“, written by Richard N. Coté, in April 2012.

The author spent  five   years interviewing researchers, activists and leaders around the world. All around the world, this small army of unpaid volunteer, and a half-million members of their groups have been working for over three decades to establish access to the the right to a gentle, pain-free, dignified, self-chosen death at the time and place of their own choosing. The result so far: five countries and three U.S. states have finally answered the question, “Who owns my life?” with the unequivocal answer, ” You do.” The other 190 countries still say, “You don’t”, despite the fact that approximately 75% of the residents of developed countries approve of physician aid-in-dying for these stricken people.


Through its 525 pages and 90 images, Côté describes the rapidly growing international death-with-dignity movement through direct interviews with its founders, leaders, and volunteers worldwide. The book explores why and how they developed means that people who were terminally ill or enduring unspeakable, untreatable pain could use to end their tortured life legally, painlessly, in a dignified way, and surrounded by their loved ones, at the time and place of their own choosing.


In Search of Gentle Death: The Fight for Your Right to Die With Dignity will be available in a deluxe hardcover edition as well as all eBook formats in April 2011 from Corinthian Books, through, or through your favorite local or online bookstore, and Corinthian Books gladly ships worldwide.