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Convention on the Future of Europe

In another news article you can read about plans to include Article 1-51 in the new constitutional treaty for the European Union. This article provides that churches will have a right to regular intervention in the policy-making of the Union which will enable them to assert their religious options on moral and social issues, including voluntary euthanasia. Right to Die Europe has been one of many organisations calling for that Article to be removed from the draft constitutional treaty.

Despite protest, the President of the Convention, Valéry Giscard D’Estaing, chose not to present Article 1-51 for discussion and the request for its removal has not been examined. At the European Parliament Plenary Session held between the 22nd-25th September, MEPs adopted the report. They also adopted a Resolution calling on the Intergovernmental Conference (beginning 4th October) not to challenge the consensus achieved by the Convention on the Future of Europe and to approve the draft treaty establishing a Constitution without altering its basic balance.

The Resolution adopted by the European Parliament supports the Italian Presidency’s intention of concluding proceedings by December. MEPs would like the new treaty to be signed by the 25 Member States on 9 May 2004. If their constitutions allow, all Member States will then hold a referendum, if possible on the same day as the European elections.

The Intergovernmental Conference is ongoing at the time of writing.