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Declaration of the Luxemburg meeting of the RtD-E (October 24-25, 2003)

Right to Die Europe (RtD-Europe), together in Luxembourg on October 24 and 25, 2003 for their biennial meeting:


  • the recent legalisation of euthanasia in Belgium and The Netherlands,
  • the existing possibility of legal assisted dying in Switzerland,
  • the recent legalisation of living wills in Catalonia and other Spanish provinces,
  • the recent loss with a minor majority in voting for a Dying in dignity bill in Luxembourg,
  • the recent developments in the Council of Europe suggesting research on how end of life decisions are made,

and concludes that there is a general climate for a change to be found throughout Europe, a genuine desire for a debate on and a true understanding of end of life decisions.

The tragic case of Vincent Humbert and other similar cases underline the need to move forward in putting into place appropriate regulations in every European country that as of yet do not posses such regulations. This would be to end the necessity of lay persons to act unlawfully out of humanitarian feelings, to stop unregulated and thus uncontrollable end of life decision making, and to provide a way for a free choice for European citizens where it concerns their life and death.

Luxembourg, October 25, 2003