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Dick Coté – author of a number of books on end-of-life developments – died

Writer and photographer Richard N. Cote died at home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, on February 10 at the age of 69. Derek Humphry writes in his obituary:

“Dick — as he was known to everybody — was in good general health. He fell down the stairs and suffered massive head trauma. Pronounced
brain dead with no hope of recovery, he was removed from the ventilator per his end-of-life wishes. He died shortly after. He donated his organs and was cremated. He leaves a widow, Nancy.


Already a writer of three biographies, two social histories and a contemporary novel, Dick decided five years ago to write the history of the world movement for the right to choose to die, concentrating on revealing the characters of the leading persons involved. His book: “In Search of Gentle Death: The Fight For Your Right to Die With Dignity” (Corinthian Books 2012) ran to 406 pages of fascinating reading. He described Dr Jack Kevorkian, whom he had met, as “a euthanasia lightning rod.”


Dick took a leading interesting in NuTech, a little-known group of world experts working to find methods of self-deliverance from an unbearable terminal illness by self-deliverance without the involvement of doctors. As a delegate from ERGO, he attended world conferences in Australia, Switzerland and Chicago, giving brilliant power-point demonstrations of NuTech progress.

Dick stood out in a crowd with his large frame and jovial countenance. He was always affable and understanding in ways that made him widely likeable. Chris Docker, of EXIT Scotland said: “In addition to his smiles and ever-positive attitude towards life, I hope that others also find such good memories of this kind and gentle man, that will maybe comfort but also inspire all those close to him at this time.”