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DIGINITAS digging out from ‘avalanche’

The Swiss euthanasia organization DIGNITAS has recently been obliged to virtually close its doors due to enormous pressure of work. It has received extensive world publicity this year about its euthanasia services, resulting in it being swamped with applications. It has been reduced to sending automatic, formal replies to inquirers. DIGNITAS is based in Forch, close to Zurich.

Dr. Michael Irwin, president of the World Federation of Right To Die Societies, in November visited the DIGNITAS founder and leader — and sole employee — Ludwig A Minelli, at his home. He was deeply impressed with Mr. Minelli’s
sincerity and style of work.

Additionally, a person in England who is terminally ill, recently flew to Switzerland to assess the work of DIGNITAS which carries out legal assisted suicide for residents and foreigners alike.

Physician and non-physician suicide have been lawful in Switzerland for 60 years, but only now is this widely known.

Mail address: Postfach 9, CH 8127, Forch, Switzerland

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