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Dutch article on depression, cancer and physician assisted suicide

In the Nederlands Tijdschrift van Geneeskunde 2012,156: A4675 (a Dutch medical magazine) a case study is described about a 73 year old woman with breast cancer in a terminal phase and known with chronic recurrent depressions. After her request for euthanasia the family doctor consulted the SCEN doctor (Support and Consultation with Euthanasia in the Netherlands) as teh legaly obligatiory secodn independent doctor.

Together family doctor and SCEB conclude that “…Patients with a history of chronic depression have more difficulty proving that they have made a conscious choice to terminate their life. However, a depression does not necessarily alter the decision-making ability of the patient. In order to make a good judgement….”.


The PDF of an English summary can be seen here. The article itself is only available in Dutch for subscribers of NTvG.