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Dutch documentaries about end-of-life in cases of Alzheimer’s, Mental disease and Completed Life

Within the scope of Dutch RtD Society NVVE’s  strategy to broaden the situations in which assistance in dying should be made legally possible, a number of activities have been undertaken: documentaries on Dementia and euthanasia, on psychiatric illness and euthanasia and on “completed life” have been produced and broadcasted on national television. A special week was organised beginning this month to promote a discussion on the completed life issue. For more information

  • The (English subtitled) documentary on Alzheimer “Voor ik het vergeet…” (Before I forget…) can be  obtained through Rosens Media (€ 10,- excl. postage), via Nan Rosens.
  • The (also English subtitled) documentary called “Mag ik dood?” (“Please let me die”), dealing with the problem of the lack of help for people with a chronic mental illness who wish to die can be previewed on the site. If you want to order it ( € 20,-) send an e-mail to Cora van Dijk.
  • Unfortunately the third documentary, dealing with what is called “completed life” called “Moek”, also from Rosens Media, is now only to be seen in Dutch via the NCRV website and is not yet for sale.

Information on the issue of  completed life can be found in the English translation of the Leaflet Completed Life, provided by NVVE and which can be downloaded here.