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DWDV May 2009 newsletter

DWDV May 2009 newsletter, amongst other things, reports on:

  • The formation of a new national group, ‘Christians for Voluntary Euthanasia’ calling for law reform.
  • The many prominent Australians who are now publicly supporting the call for law reform.
  • A report on the April, Steve Guest Day rally on the steps of Victorian parliament.
  • World Federation of Right To Die Societies 2010 conference – to be hosted by DWDV in Melbourne.
  • Dr. Rodney Syme’s waring on “The Dangers of a Public Peaceful Pill”

The newsletter can be downloaded at your convenience from the following link:

For your convenience, back issues of the newsletter can be found at:

NOTE: DWDV regrets an error in its recent Newsletter which stated that the 2010 World Federation Conference would be held in September of that year.  That is incorrect: the dates for the conference are October 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.