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DWDV’s Summer 2012 (February) Newsletter is out

DWDV’s Summer 2012 (February) Newsletter is out, and it is a bumper issue.

  • One of the main articles, Vale Alan Rosendorff, salutes Alan Rosendorff, a former DWDV committee member and a tireless advocate for aid-in-dying law reform, who challenged Premier Ted Baillieu to support law reform.
  • Alan’s dedicated efforts have inspired a new DWDV initiative, a write-in campaign, featured in a second major article (p4), titled “Democratic Demand for Community Consultation”. Members are asked to write their own letters to the Premier and to our politicians, calling for referral of this issue of end-of-life decision-making to a Parliamentary Committee. All the details about how easy it is to contribute are provided.
  • A third major story is that of DWDV’s Vice-President Dr Rodney Syme who has been interviewed by police again, this time in regard to the death of Melbourne woman Caroline Gardner.

There are additional stories, news and views, both local and form overseas, plus some heartfelt contributions from individual members.

You can download this issue by clicking here.