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Ensuring Choices for a Dignified Death

The World Federation, founded in 1980, consists of 45 right to die organizations from 26 countries. The Federation provides an international link for organizations working to secure or protect the rights of individuals to self-determination at the end of their lives.

The Federation:

  • Disseminates current information and educational materials about voluntary euthanasia, physician-assisted dying, other right-to-die issues, and related matters of interest;
  • Promotes co-operation and liaison among our member societies;
  • Facilitates international conferences on dying and death;
  • Provides assistance, where requested, to groups and individuals interested in establishing similar societies in countries where such societies do not currently exist; and
  • Responds to requests by interested groups, scholars, and individuals for information about right-to-die issues.

The World Federation of Right To Die Societies summarizes its views in a manifesto.

We meet every two years to exchange news and views, to elect Directors and Officers of the Federation, and to conduct other business.

The most recent meeting was held October 7 to 10, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia and was hosted by DWD Victoria .

For further information about the World Federation, contact:

Libby Drake, Secretary, Board of Directors (Ausatralia)

Or download our brochure

Link to WF Members contact details