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Ethical Rights Voluntary Assisted Dying Survey 2021

This August, the documents relating to the’Ethical Rights Voluntary Assisted Dying Survey 2021’ are released. You find them on the website of Ethical Rights: Surveys – Ethical Rights

The survey’s responses represent the views of 1640 respondents worldwide from 31 countries on a range of VAD ethical issues, regulatory/policy issues and individual considerations that are highly relevant to the VAD debate in many jurisdictions. 

The author, dr. David Swanton told us: “I might be able to provide some jurisdiction specific data for those jurisdictions with more than 40 responses each (Australia, France, USA, UK, Netherlands and Canada). I would like to thank the person from France who I understand, translated the survey into French. If I attempt to distribute another similar survey in 2 years, translating it into other languages would be a good idea. I would also like to thank you and all respondents for contributing to the success of the survey. I believe the survey’s documents provide a solid evidentiary base that can be used to facilitate the development of VAD regulatory systems that meet the needs of people seeking access to VAD.”

Below, you find the summary of the survey: