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Euthanasia law in transit in Colombian Senate, awaiting definite decisions

After the decriminalisation of euthanasia in Colombia in 1997 never was proper regulation introduced, until now. Senator Armando Benedetti drafted regulations that were discussed in a Colombian Senate Commission this month, a proposal that was approved by 11 votes to 5. Some of the criteria include

  • only a medical professional can perform euthanasia or assist with a patient’s suicide;
  • importance is placed  on the state’s duty to protect life;
  • rigorous procedures – including psychiatric assessment and counselling –  must be adhered to before the patient can make an informed decision;
  • only Colombian nationals or foreign residents can avail of the practice to prevent euthanasia tourism.

It is the first – positive ! – step in a row, with three more to come. DMD Colombia is maintaining an information movement to facilitate approval, but still there is nothing sure. A very recent poll showed only 44% of answers in favor [!!] of euthanasia and 52% against (poll was made by a specialized polling company among men and women of all ages).

The text of the new bill (in Spanish only) can be found here.

A (very informal and unofficial [!]) English translation of the law can be seen here.