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Is the Right to Die being held hostage to a Right to Healthcare?

Unwanted care and care that is not well-considered is still the most prevalent assault on people’s right to how their lives end. Conversely, those who have a lifetime of experiencing a stark inequity in healthcare coverage may prompt underserved populations to pursue the “do everything” model of end-of-life healthcare. How do we balance the absence of a right to healthcare with avoiding the end-of-life conveyor belt? How would diverse communities wish to be approached and supported regarding their end-of-life experience? Session Three will evaluate concerns regarding diverse communities, communities of color, and communities with disabled individuals who may feel targeted or disadvantaged by their lack of access to standard healthcare benefits (e.g. before age of 65 with eligibility for Medicare).


Nov 11 2021


Eastern Time
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Completed Life Initiative


Completed Life Initiative