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Exit International hopes ‘Sarco’ to enter Switzerland

The well known Sarco, a 3D-printed capsule destined for use in assisted suicide, hopes to become operational in Switzerland. This says Exit International, the organisation that developed the machine. Although the machine is capable for use, the Sarco is now only showed and exposed as a design object.

According to Exit International, Sarco may legally be operated in Switzerland. Philip Nitschke, the founder of Exit International, says there are no legal issues at all. “We sought senior advice on the legality of using Sarco in Switzerland for assisted dying. This review has been completed and we’re very pleased with the result which found that we hadn’t overlooked anything.”

Nitschke also says he has been talking with various groups in Switzerland, with a view to providing Sarco for use in the country. Problem however is that none of the main Swiss assisted suicide organisations – DIGNITASExit Deutsche Schweiz, or Ex International – are considering the technology. This follows from research done by

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