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Exit’s 2019 Disrupting Death workshop tour about to commence on 25 July

Exit International starts ‘2019 Disrupting Death workshop tour’ on the Gold Coast  (Australia) on 25 July. The workshop tour consists of 8 workshops, seven in Australia and the last one in London (27th of October – just before brExit). The tour is about a new short film about Exit’s approach to the end of life choices. (and can be viewed at: to Exit Founder, Dr Philip Nitschke: ‘we made the film to help distinguish Exit’s unique approach to a good death. We are not an organisation that is solely about changing the law (although good laws are always a good thing). Rather, we want to see access to a good death at a time of one’s choosing become recognised as a fundamental human right that it is. Dying well is not a medical matter. There is nothing innate in the death experience that is medical. Just like childbirth is not implicitly a medical matter. But like childbirth, dying is something that the medical profession are co-opting. And in doing so they bring their values (and their prejudices) with them. Does doctor know best? You decide!

Read more about the tour and the workshop dates on the website of Exit International.