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Family fears exhumation of right-to-campaigner Marie Fleming

The remains of right-to-die campaigner Marie Fleming could be exhumed as part of a probe into her death, her family fears.


The Irish police is investigating the death of Fleming, who was terminally ill. She died last year, in the final stages of multiple scelerosis. Her partner Tom Curran admitted in an interview that he ‘helped her to die’.


The developments have been deeply destressing for the family. It is understood that the police has already interviewed a number of people, including medical staff. Fleming went to court seeking the right to be assisted to die, but both the High Court and the Supreme Court rejected her request to challenge the Criminal Law of 1993. This law decriminalised suicide, but made a criminal offence of assisting another person taking his life. If found guilty, Mr Curran could face up to 14 years in jail.