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Farewell Foundation Implements Procedures for Attending Self-Chosen Death

In April the Farewell Foundation published Procedures for Attending a Self-Chosen Death.  The procedures guide our practices to support members who determine the time and manner of their deaths.  The decision to end one’s life should be made carefully, without undue influence, and when one has the capacity to make such a decision.  The Foundation is committed to the best standards and therefore we are engaging a broad consultation to ensure that our practices can be improved wherever possible.  The procedures are available on our website.

Farewell Foundation’s procedures set out guidelines for the accompaniment of individuals who decide to end their lives and have the ability to do so without assistance.   Out of all the world’s many jurisdictions that prohibit assistance with suicide, we are the first organization committed to statutory reporting of attended self-chosen deaths to the coroner and to law enforcement.   Our procedures are similar to those that exist in Switzerland, but the major difference is that Swiss law allows assistance for individuals who choose to end their lives.   Farewell Foundation does not counsel, aid, or abet suicide, because such acts are contrary to Canadian law.