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Film “37: A Final Promise”

The film 37: A Final Promise is a dramatic depiction of a real-life romance with a tragic twist. Members of the WFRtDS can view the film on Vimeo on Demand for a discount:  $3.99. Visit the special website here.
The film takes the debate a step further, suggesting that a person facing a terminal illness should be empowered to make the ultimate decision about her own body and her own death, even before she is symptomatic.

Based on the Guy Blews memoir “How Angels Die”, 37: A Final Promise stars Randall Batinkoff — also the film’s director and co-writer — as Adam Webb, the lead singer of a popular rock band who makes a pact to kill himself when he turns 37 out of guilt over the death of his brother.

Several months before his 37th birthday and the release of his comeback album, he meets and falls in love with Jemma (Scottie Thompson), who is struggling with a terminal illness. Together they grapple with heart-wrenching decisions around how she will face her own death. Adam is put in a position where his only chance of salvation is to commit the deed that destroyed his life all over again, only this time with Jemma.

In the end the two collaborate to prevent a long drawn-out battle with a brutal illness, >and the protagonist is given an opportunity for redemption even as he takes actions that many might find difficult to justify.