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Film Festival THE END in Amsterdam 7-12 February, 2012

From 7 to 12 February 2012, NVVE Dutch RtD Society organises the first ever Film & Documentary Festival “THE END”, aimed at Euthanasia and other end-of-life choices. This Festival forms part of the “Week of Euthanasia” (6-12 February, 2012), a celebration of 10 years legal Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in the Netherlands, since on 1rst April 2002 the Euthanasia Law came into effect.

The Festival wil run more then 35 old and new films and documentaries, from all over the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood. International titles include films as “Million Dolar Baby”- “Mar Adentro”- “The Barabarian Invasions” – “Las Buenas Hierbas” – “Igby goes down”- Whose life is it anyway” and “The suicide Tourist”. Nine (9) premières are foreeseen, of which five (5)  are world premières.

The list of all films to be shown can be found here.

The Festival has its own website (in Dutch).

Comment RJ: Although the Festival is organised on a national Dutch basis, it is an initiative to emphasize and publish the news on this site: an example for others? As a start of a new – then more international – tradition?