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Former president World Federation of Right to Die Societies died

Patrick Nowell-Smith, who was president of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies from l984-1986 has died in England at the age of 91.

At the time he was elected he was also president of Dying with Dignity, Canada, and a professor of philosphy at York University, Toronto.

In the Guardian newspaper, London (February 22nd, 2006), it says

“In 1946 he became a fellow at Trinity College, Oxford, and wrote [the book] ‘Ethics.’ It appeared in Penguin in 1954 and sold so well that Blackwell’s brought out a hardback version (reversing the normal order of such events). By the time Penguin withdrew the book, it had sold a huge number of copies – Patrick thought more than 100,000. How like him that he didn’t know. To their shame, the publishers have kept no record.”