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Ground breaking case in New Zealand

Lecretia Seales, a 42-year old lawyer from Wellington, New Zealand), and brain tumour sufferer is bringing her case to  the NZ High Court Case, asking that her doctor may be permitted to assist her to die with dignity, without fear of prosecution under the Crimes Act.  The type of decision Ms Seales is seeking is known as a “Declaration” of the High Court, and is utilising (in the main) the themes and law set out in the recent Canadian Supreme Court decision.

In New Zealand, the Bill of Rights is almost similar with the Canadian Charter.  The request being made by Ms Seales needs significant legal argument to be able to be gained permission in the same way as was done in Canada.

This is a ground breaking case in New Zealand and timely in terms of the laws around the world and the groundswell of development in the legislation in New Zealand. See Maryan Street’s Bill.

End of Life Choice VES NZ was allowed to intervene in this case.

The Care Alliance (strong opposer of Physician Assisted Dying) has applied to be a “party” to this proceeding.  In addition the Human Rights Commission also applied.

Access to the proceedings has now been granted on strict  conditions set by the Judge, including submission of one affidavit only and no cross examination; all taking Ms Seales condition into account.