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Groundshifting verdict in South African Court

Breaking News (April 30, 2015) Today the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria granted an order allowing a terminally ill man to end his own life and if he has a doctor helping, the doctor will not be prosecuted or disciplined. It is a first in South Africa, and the State intends to appeal it because it affects its prosecuting authority’s ability to prosecute.

Colleagues of Dignity South Africa reported on April 29, 2015: “The urgent application of Advocate Robin Stransham-Ford to obtain the court’s permission to seek medical assistance with dying was heard today, with Judge Hans Fabricius presiding. The case will resume tomorrow on the 30th of April at 10h00, and we expect the judge to give his ruling in the course of the morning.
Counsel for the Applicant and those for the majority of respondents reached a compromise agreement. Overnight counsel for the ministries will consult with the Ministry of Justice and others.
We have good reason to believe that the applicant’s application will be granted, but, of course, we cannot be sure. Moreover, we expect a ruling that would set in motion the process of legalising assisted dying in South Africa.”