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Guernsey on its way to legalised assisted dying?

Seven members of Guernsey’s States of Deliberation have proposed (a Requête) the States of Deliberation to develop a suitable legal regime to permit assisted dying. Guernsey’s top politician, chief minister Gavin St Pier is backing the proposal to allow assisted dying of terminally-ill adults who are mentally competent and have been given six months or less to live. He said: “This is about giving people choice and a sense that they have some control themselves, rather than being frightened, out of control and in the hands of others. That for me is why it is such an important issue.” The role of doctors and whether they would be permitted to object to someone’s request will also be considered. The debate, called a ‘Requete’ under the Guernsey parliament, is expected to be heard and voted on in May.
Guernsey – where locals hold British passports – is a British Crown Dependency and is able to set its own laws.