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Hopeful news from Massachusetts USA

Massachusetts state medical society (MMS) – an influential medical group, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine, a leading global medical journal and web site – has dropped its opposition to aid in dying, adopting a neutral position on proposed aid in dying legislation for the state, and vowing to serve as a medical and scientific resource as the legislation is considered. clear majorities of the state’s most prestigious doctors have come around to realizing that aid in dying is a good thing, and are signaling that the law should be passed. Read their official statement here. Dr. Roger Kligler, a Massachusetts physician suffering from advanced prostate cancer, said of the society’s decision, “This is wonderful and a game-changer.”  The medical society vote was by an overwhelming 152 to 56 majority.  Earlier this year the society polled its members, with a solid 60% supporting the passage of an aid in dying law. All in all hopeful news!