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“How Angels Die: a Confession” book by Guy Blews about assisted suicide

Waldorf Publishing announces the release (November 2014) of the new book “How Angels Die: A Confession” by Guy Blews, a true story about assisted suicide. The movie, “37: A Final Promise” based on this true story premiered in movie theatres, August 2014.
If someone you love is suffering from a debilitating illness and wants to end their life and wants you to help them do it (asks you to assist with their suicide), what would you do? “How Angels Die: A Confession” will leave you with a sense of having seen the worst in life, but the best in the human spirit. When the author discovers that the love of his life has a virulent case of Multiple Sclerosis, and that she does not want to endure the suffering any longer, he is forced to consider and enact the unthinkable.
Guy Blews opens up the discussion of assisted suicide in a way that encourages the reader to see it as an act of unconditional love. This emotional journey is a tour de force that deftly and courageously allows love to conquer all.

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