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In Belgium, several euthanasia cases are investigated

Saturday the 21nd of November, the Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported an investigation of several cases of euthanasia which are possibly not performed according to the prescribed procedure. The Leuven court is investigating these cases now. This news is confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office.

The judicial investigation has been ongoing for quite some time. It would therefore not be a consequence of the media attention for the euthanasia process that took place in Ghent earlier this year. The public prosecutor’s office confirms, but doesn’t want to give details: “We will only do this once the investigation has been completed, and the facts may or may not established”. Family members who were questioned by the judicial police in the context of this investigation, have reported this in an anonymous letter to the newspaper. According to them, it concerns more than ten files. They were unaware until the interrogation.

The two GPs mentioned in the anonymous letter work together in the same practice. They don’t want to comment in the media.