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In memoriam Piet Admiraal

On November 30, 2013,  Piet Admiraal, anaesthesiologist and pioneer of the Dutch euthanasia movement, died. Since the late sixties he never made it a secret that he practised euthanasia. For Piet a deep felt compassion with a suffering “sick fellow human being” (as he preferred to call a patient) in his terminal stage were of overriding importance to comply with serious euthanasia requests. As expert –  as colleagues saw him – he produced a booklet (for doctors only) in which he described the various medications for use with euthanasia or assisted suicide and next stood at the basis of  the pharmacological protocol for a careful euthanasia ( according to the law). He continued to be involved in the end-of-life issues in the Netherlands and around the world, as a gifted and passionate speaker. He was made an honorary member of NVVE, Dutch RtD Society. His valuable contributions will be sorely missed! May he rest in peace.

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